Easter...and After!
continue with us as we explore

what comes after  resurrection

April 8-May 6

Sundays  |  9AM   |  10:30AM


While there are a lot of questions regarding Christians and Christianity, there is one question that is behind all of the others. That question is about the validity of the resurrection of Jesus.


Everything we do and believe hinges on the belief that Jesus really did physically raise from the dead. From that one belief we can begin to evaluate what we believe about life after death and life before death. Beginning on Resurrection Sunday we will look together at what we believe about the resurrection, why we believe it, and how that impacts
us today.


If you or anyone you know has ever wrestled with this, then plan to join us as we work through
it together.  

April 1         Resurrection Sunday: Who’s Coming to Dinner?
April 8        How do we know Jesus was resurrected?

April 15     What happens to my body after I die?  

April 22     Why doesn’t God eliminate death? 
April 29     What is heaven like? 

May 6           What do we do with this life in the meantime?