FCC Students:
6th-12th grade

FCC Students meet on Sundays from 6-7:30pm in room 221.

This is the place where students are able to love one another through community, build friendships, ask questions freely, dive deeper in their relationship with Christ, and live a vibrant and exciting life

of faith.

In Mark 1:17, Jesus goes to a group of fisherman and says "come, follow me." This wasn't just an invitation to listen to Jesus give good teachings and messages, it was an invitation into community.

Life Groups:
6-12 grade


6-7:30pm in room 221

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Our teens at FCC discover the story that God has written for them through deep mentoring relationships. Each teen in the ministry is surrounded by caring adults that have dedicated their lives to teach the teens of FCC. You will meet teens from a wide variety of schools and locations in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. 

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For additional information please contact the church office at 262.857.4743.

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