Frequently Asked Questions

Life Groups and Sermon-based Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are small groups of people that share life together and bring life to others! They meet together (preferably weekly in homes), to develop friendships, help one other move closer to Jesus and His Word and together make a difference in their community and neighborhood.

Why do we have Life Groups at FCC?

Most of us experience the closest relationships, personal care and Christian growth in small group “circles” of some type (i.e. around the table, family room or campfire). “Circles are better than rows.” Circles are where we best interact, offer input, ask questions, challenge ideas, encourage and care for one another.

What are Sermon-based Life Groups?

Sermon-based groups are like traditional small groups, except they are not based around a curriculum or book study, but around a series of questions and supporting Bible passages to facilitate conversational Bible discussion based on the truth of the Sunday morning message that brings about meaningful life-application.

Why are Sermon-based Life Groups encouraged at FCC?

The groups centered on discussion of the sermon from the previous Sunday create a culture of personalizing and doing the word! It helps create an open venue for honest questions, answers & feedback that helps everyone delve deeper into life-application of the message and encourage personal sharing of life stories.

Is there a discussion guide each week?

Yes, check it out online. Each week a discussion guide is presented online by the minister speaking that week along with the sermon-based discussion writing team. After a few questions to pull you closer to others in the group and your reaction to Sunday’s message, a few other scriptures are offered with questions as to how they also relate to the message and apply to your life.

Is our Life Group required to be sermon-based?

We would like to have all of our groups involved in sermon-based discussions this Fall so that together we can experience a common, parallel growing experience on the same scripture and subjects. We realize that some groups may choose in future sessions to step aside from this type of study for a season to deal with something specific (i.e. marriage, finances, parenting) and or a particular area the group desires to grow in together.

How often do groups meet?

 Most groups meet weekly (some twice a month) on a seasonal schedule, meeting around a Fall/Winter/Spring schedule. This creates easy on & off ramps for people as needed. After the 10-12 week season is done, groups can choose whether or not to keep meeting for the next season.

When and where do groups meet?

 Life Groups meet on various days and nights of the week in homes throughout the area. Some groups choose to rotate homes between members. Some of our men’s, women’s or seniors groups meet in the morning. Groups usually last 1.5–2 hours. We encourage home settings as the most conducive for building relationships, but some groups do meet in the church building and or even their workplace. 

What should I expect when I go to a Life Group?

Probably some snacks and or food, some caring new friends, little Bible lecture in rows and more circles of open, safe environments for authentic sharing, listening and connecting with one another to apply the Bible to your personal life daily with a prayer to do so before you leave.

What are the expectations of Life Group members?

Show up, your presence is important. Join in, your input is needed to help grow others.

Be real, come as you are and be yourself. Reach out together to care for and make a difference in the life of others in your group, neighborhood and community.

What about Summer?

Some groups chose to continue meeting during the Summer, some do not. However, many choose to get together for a couple Summer social events and or a service project together. 

How long of a commitment am I signing up for?

 People are signing up for one Life Group season (Fall, Winter, Spring), which is 10-12 weeks long. If the group members and the leader want to stay together after that, they will continue on into the next season together.

What if a group is not a good fit for me?

 If a group is not a good fit, you are free to see if there are other open groups for you to join. We do, however, encourage group members to give it at least 3 to 4 week try, if not the whole 10-12 week season. Relationships take time to build and grow, and starting is often the hardest part.

What about childcare?

Some groups meet as families and provide opportunities for all ages. Others groups share a sitter at one of their homes (or in their basement etc), or swap childcare with another family whose group meets at a different time.

How do I sign-up for a group?

Church-wide sign-ups begin at the start of each new session (September, January and March). You can indicate a desire to join a group at anytime online on our Life Groups page, or Sunday morning Connect Card or stop by the Connection Point in the East foyer at FCC.

How can I become a Life Group leader and or host a group in my home?

Leadership is both a calling and a process. A person may be invited into leadership through a leader’s recommendation or a personal sense of call. Or, if you want to volunteer, go to the Life Group page online and contact the FCC staff member and or Life Group coaches listed on this page. 

Life Group Leader Training

Lead Minister, Brian Gorman, shares with us what leading a Life Groups is all about. 

To lead or host a group, contact Brian Henry, Minister of Pastoral Care