EVERY.ONE. Serving an hour per week on the behalf of God's Kingdom and enjoying each other's company through FCC. Below is all of our areas that we serve which include international, local, and volunteering opportunities in FCC.

It is essential that everyone works together to build bridges and remove barriers that keep people from Jesus. This means everyone needs a place to serve regularly to ensure that those who are far from God can be drawn near without distraction. We serve our time through the community of Christ and neighborhoods all around. 


Support local families in need through The Sharing Center By donating the following items:

Window Cleaner

Bleach Spray

Floor Cleaner

Laundry Soap

Dryer Sheets

Bathroom Spray

Toilette Bowl Cleaner


Bring ITEMS to FCC 2/26-3/5

FCC focus

There are so many amazing challenges we can try to tackle, but with our limited resources we have decided to focus on 5 distinct areas to make an impact. 

    • Forming solid relationships with others is key to fully understanding Jesus. This is best done within a church setting. By planting churches in unchurched cultures we are able to show them the tangible love of God and help to improve the overall environment of that community the care and education.
    • Without the Bible laying the foundation for everything we do there is the risk of being tossed by any idea or smooth teaching. When we focus on getting the Bible into the hands of the people, it improves the education system, strengthens a community’s sense of self-worth, and provides a foundation for the truth of Jesus including the value of human life and love.

    • Very few things devalue the lives of those Jesus loves more than turning a human being into a commodity to be bought, sold, and traded. By working to end trafficking around the world and around the corner, we are showing people the dignity that God gave them along with the love and healing only He can provide.

    • The number one people group found being trafficked are those coming out of foster care. What greater way can we show the true love, sacrifice, and restoration available than by caring for children who need homes and beds while working to provide more stable homes for them to return to?

    • How can we expect stable homes for our children without someone to help and guide the family through the challenges and struggles they face. By assisting with family counseling, we can provide strong homes where the love and commitment of God can be seen and experienced by those in the home along with the neighboring communities.

Supporting our Focuses

At FCC, we support multiple missions coming from a global and local standpoint. Together we support them financially and physically. Making a difference in their lives, and moving them closer of Jesus is what we want to accomplish. Below are only some of the organizations that we support.

  • Ivory coast christian mission


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  • Pioneer bible translators


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  • youth with a mission


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  • Team expansion


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  • Vikas Mission


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  • twentyThree61


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  • Milwaukee Rescue mission


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  • Feed my starving



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  • Usa

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  • The Foster Closet

    of kenosha


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  • USA

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  • Vintage Pearls


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