Contact a group leader for more information

Cody Braun & Brian Henry
A Man and His Fatherhood

For men, single or married

1st & 3rd Wednesdays at 7pm

FCC room 124
Start date: January 16

Ron Butts

Basketball - Men/boys

Open; no childcare

Date & Time: TBD

FCC Room 101

Start date: TBD

Bill Linkus

Guidance and God's Will

For men

Open group; no childcare
Saturdays at 7:30am
FCC room 124

Terry Peterson
Growing Through Life's Challenges
For men
Mondays at 6am

Start date TBD

Michael Risselada
For men
Book of James
Open group; no childcare
4th Wednesdays
Start date: Jan. 23
Panera Bread, Kenosha