The 5 Bridges and why we move up and move out on may 6!

A Bridge Year is the transition between one ministry and another. We believe we will have greater success moving kids from one to the next if we give them a season of summer to do so trying it out. Otherwise thrusting it upon them in September when they are going through all the other changes. Kids in the Bridge Year are moving from one way of doing things to another. All kinds of changes, not just for the student but for the family as well.

New Curriculum. New Communications. New Life Groups. New Leaders. New Teams.
Go from being the Big Fish to Small Fish to Big Fish. More Options. More voices. SO, SO much more. We just want the family to be able to cross over on a bridge than get to September and have to climb a wall.

BIG PICTURE: Preschool to Elementary to fivesixers to Students  to Post Grad Life

If you are a family that starts its journey with FCC in the Preschool Years, then we have 5 Bridges to help you navigate. Each one more perilous than the prior. Each one with more freedoms on the other side, more options, more potential conflicts.

These are the places we also have the greatest chance of people getting disconnected and or lost in the shuffle. These are the transitions that mean everything for the life of the church. We want to walk with you over these bridges.

So here is what that impact looks like for those in the Bridge Years:

1st BRIDGE: Those who are enrolled for Kindergarten for Fall of 2018 move can either ride out the summer in 4s & 5s , or move upstairs to their new Elementary group at this time. 

2nd BRIDGE: Graduating 4th Graders can ride out the summer in 4th grade or be MOVED UP to fivesixers  on Sundays at 9am (the only time we offer it.) They will be eligible for every outside event that the fivesixers do as well as the Day Camp Service Project. 

fivesixers to FCC Students IMPACT
3rd BRIDGE: Graduating 6th Graders can participate in both the fivesixers and the FCC Student scheduled groups and events and fivesixers Day Camp Service Project July 9th-12th. They will fully integrate into FCC Students by September. 
ELEVATING Middle School to High School Students IMPACT
4th BRIDGE: Graduating 8th Graders can participate in both FCC Students middle school and high school scheduled groups and events with the expectation of integrating into high school by September.     *See age specifics for SERVE TEAM Trips

EXITING High School Students IMPACT
5th BRIDGE: Graduating 12th Graders can participate until September comes and are encouraged to connect with Dan Bender to go through a special MOVING OUT conversation which includes preparing for college or the work force.


Ultimately, we want the family to be ahead of the changes that are coming.
Prepared to navigate them and get the most out of every opportunity we can provide. We want to be able to say that you’ve crossed
all 5 Bridges and are able then to go back and help others across.


If you have any questions, please contact Dan Bender, Next Generation Minister:
262.857.4743 or


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