Our understanding of

In Exodus 17:12-13, Moses had just led God's people out of slavery in Egypt when they were attacked by the Amalekite army. While the battle raged on Moses was expected to keep his arms raised, and each time his arms would begin to fall, God's people would begin losing. 

For Moses to make it through the day he needed help from others, but finally they overcame their attackers. In that passage we read how Moses' hands "remained steady." In the original Hebrew, it would read that his hands were "faithful."

Faith is not a belief system, it is an action based on a belief system. Faith is the image of sore muscles and long challenges. 

We see that lived out at FCC though studying together. We know that it takes others around us to stay strong, it takes facing challenges together to learn how to overcome, it takes knowing the Bible to remain steady. So when we say faithful, we mean that we will be consistently committed to studying together.