SAY YES to life groups!

At FCC we are excited to SAY YES to Life Groups for all ages! 

Life Groups are the place where we share life and bring life to others. It's also the place where we help develop a growing faith in the next generation....infants through adults! 

New groups will be starting soon for adults, and there are places to serve our FCC Kids, fivesixers and FCC Students year round! 

Life Groups for adults

WHO: People sharing life together and bringing life to others

              People helping one another move closer to Jesus


DOING WHAT: Enjoying snacks or a meal with friends and

                        discussing questions from scripture passages. Meeting in an 

                           open, safe environment of authentic sharing, 

while connecting with one another and applying the Bible to life.


EXPECTATIONS: Show up. . . to eat, laugh and enjoy one another

                          Join in . . . to share your input on discussions

                          Be real . . . come as you are and be yourself

                          Reach out . . . to serve others in your neighborhood


WHEN: Some groups meet weekly, others meet every other week. 

           Many groups meet for a 10-12 week series in fall and winter. 

             Some groups  meet for fun and service opportunities, 

or take a break during summer.


NEXT STEP:  Sign-up to join or facilitate a Life Group

or contact Brian Henry at


A Life Group Facilitator
is NOT necessarily:

* a teacher

* a lifelong Christian

* a Bible scholar

* an extrovert

* an “answer-person”

* the most popular person

* a strong personality

                                       * a church leader

A Life Group Facilitator IS  :
* a creator of a welcoming and comfortable setting

* a coordinator of consistent Life Group gatherings

* an encourager of care for Life Group members

* an initiator of life-application discussion times

* an instigator of serving together as a Life Group

* a keeper of attendance and follow-up with Life Group members 

say yes to the next generation!

DOING WHAT:  We have roles for every kind of person. While the primary role is that of a Life Group Facilitator; There are roles for those who are up front leaders, walk along side leaders, and behind the scene leaders. Keeping in the pattern of being a caring and consistent presence in the life of kids, students and families. No matter what the role, the most important thing a church can do is what they do for young people. This is why every week matters.

EXPECTATIONS:  Be willing to LEAD SMALL – (verb) the act of doing for a few what you wish you could do for many.  Investing strategically in the lives of a few over time, so you can help them build an authentic faith.

It Looks Like This:
BE PRESENT:  Connect their faith to a community. (Showing up predictably by being there when scheduled, mentally prepared for what happens that week, and randomly as in going out of your way to get to know the family.)

CREATE A SAFE SPACE:  Clarify their faith as they grow. (Leading the group in such a way that you create space for acceptance, confidentiality and honesty.)

PARTNER WITH PARENTS:  Nurture an everyday faith. (You can do this by cueing the parent as to what is most important, connecting with families and following up as needed.)

MAKE IT PERSONAL:  Inspire their faith by your example. (The most important person you can lead is you by living in community, setting priorities, and being real.)

MOVE THEM OUT:  Engage their faith in a bigger story. (Help them to transition to the next group well.)

WHEN:  ALL roles within the Birth – College range carry a full year commitment which is encouraged to be renewed annually. The year goes from September – August. Now, depending on the role, the level of time committed varies.

NEXT STEP:  Whether you are new to serving, or have have been serving for a long time, SAY YES and contact Dan Bender at or sign-up to serve with our 
FCC Kids (K-4th grade)
fivesixers  (5th & 6th grade)
FCC Students  (7-12th grade)


A Next Generation Leader is
NOT  necessarily:

 * someone who can never miss a week

 * responsible for putting together curriculum lessons

 * a teacher or child care professional

 * a lifelong Christian

 * a Bible scholar

 * an extrovert or strong personality



A Next Generation Leader IS:

 * someone who wants to impact the lives of kids and students

 * someone who sees that every week matters in the faith
  building process

 * someone who can work flexibly with the different needs that FCC’s Next Gen program has

 * someone who wants to see parents and families win

 * someone who loves kids and students

 * someone who wants to create a safe and vibrant environment