Within 20 minutes of our building there are around 150,000 people who do not have a relationship with Jesus or His church.
 We don’t know how to help all of them with that, but we can each help one of them.
That is who we are. We are a place that cares for each and EVERY.ONE.

We do this by meeting people where they are and moving them closer to Jesus.
This is true geographically, emotionally, spiritually, and in so many other ways.
Wherever someone is, we want to meet them there rather than expect them to get “cleaned up” to join us.

We know that there are four main things we can do to help them stay on the path of moving closer to Jesus:


Be a place where EVERY.ONE. feels WELCOME.

When someone comes to FCC they will know that it matters that they are here just the way they are.
They will find a safe place to ask questions, wrestle with their faith, and connect with others.


Be a place where EVERY.ONE. MAKES ROOM.

Once a person knows they are welcome, it is important that they know others have made room for them to really feel a part of what is going on.  This is why it is important to help make room for them in Life Groups so we can all learn and grow closer to God and each other.

Want to learn about joining a life group?
 Let us know here or contact David Vineyard. 


Be a place where EVERY.ONE. SERVES.

If a person is in worship and a Life Group, the next best thing they can do to move closer to Jesus is to serve alongside others. We want to help people find the best place to see their gifts, passions, and abilities be used by God so that they can experience Him to the fullest.

It is essential that everyone works together to build bridges and remove barriers that keep people from Jesus. This means everyone needs a place to serve regularly to ensure that those who are far from God can be drawn near without distraction. Click for more info on how we serve our neighbors and the Church at large.


Be a place where EVERY.ONE. INVESTS.

 When we become fully invested in God’s Kingdom, it can change everything. It moves us from being loosely involved to really caring about what is happening. We want to help people invest their time, their money, and their skills back into what God is doing so that they can meet more people where they are and move them closer to Jesus. Click here invest in FCC financially and here to find a place to invest your time.

Be a part of our story...

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